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What Does Affiperf Bring to its Clients ?

Programmatic First Value

Affiperf is Havas Group’s programmatic pure player.

We are the most advanced real time audience platform, allowing advertisers to take full advantage of the opportunity that programmatic media buying creates. We deliver your campaigns with our proprietary, world first, Meta-DSP, leveraging the best technology platforms across the globe. We are dedicated to personalization and using data to redefine business. Our marketing philosophy revolves around 3 key points, reflecting our vision:

  1.  Audience-led strategies: We deliver highly targeted Brand and Performance campaigns through multiple touch points (Display, Video, Rich Media) and personalized messaging using DCO technology.
  1.  Quality across all campaigns: We are obsessed with quality control via the Media Quality Barometer. We also provide full protection from fraud and inappropriate content to advertisers (global fraud levels are under 4%).
  1.  Market leading activation platform: Our Meta-DSP accesses the world’s leading DSPs (MediaMath, DBM, AppNexus & AOL One), activating campaigns using all 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data with transparent read-only access for our clients.

Meaningful Programmatic

  • Providing access to the best tech in market
  • Providing value without risk
  • Giving advertisers real-time access to performance data

Meaningful Programmatic

We believe that programmatic delivers value when it is meaningful, across 4 key criteria:   Technology

  • Providing access to the best tech in market
  • Providing value without risk
  • Giving advertisers real-time access to performance data
  • Safety for advertisers
  • Delivering quality inventory to real people
  • Global scale with local expertise
  • Providing insight, not data
  • A flexible service model
  • Partnerships, not suppliers
  • Targeting people, not devices
  • New formats and channels
  • Business goals, not just media KPIs


At Affiperf, we’re focused on continued innovation in three areas:

Customisable Algorithms

  • Create custom predictive models to enhance campaign performance (with MFG Labs*)
  • Develop a decision tree applied across strategies & campaigns
Programmatic Premium
  • Activate programmatic premium product to ensure viewable, brand safe and highly desirable campaigns
  • Active in US, UK, FR, DE & ES with incredible success
Cross Device Targeting
  • Connect with audiences via Device IDs rather than Cookies, through the Meta-DSP
  • Better manage reach, frequency sequential messaging and attribution

Since 2015, Affiperf have proven themselves to be programmatic experts and innovators - particularly through the use of Meta-DSP. This thorough and forward thinking approach has helped us as a business not only to achieve numerous internal goals, but it has allowed us to grow our digital marketing business in a highly competitive and saturated market place.

Dan Michelson, UK Programmatic Lead, Telefonica