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At Affiperf, we are proud to have launched the world’s first Meta DSP, which offers our clients global reach and local resourced solutions.

Our agency focuses on connecting brands and consumers effectively by leveraging the power of programmatic buying. We have a consumer-centric approach when it comes to media experience. That is why we help our clients advertise at the right time and place, delivering their message in optimal conditions for the best possible price.


MFG Labs developed the first of its kind Meta-DSP which is the technology we use today. This state-of-the-art platform aims to bring Programmatic to the next level to ensure quality, performance and interoperability across our services.

From the moment you launch your campaign, the Meta-DSP will manage everything deploying your marketing operation directly across several DSPs via APIs. Your campaigns can then be monitored in one place across all DSPs simultaneously.
In order to select potential partners, an allocation engine will use the campaign data to examine multiple DSPs, in order to develop a specific solution. We then provide you with a customized recommendation that combines the most suited DSPs for your campaign that are the most likely to produce the best outcomes.
This solution is improved through 3 layers of brand protection: content filtration and blacklisting, pre-bid best-in-class technology, and previsions for real-time live context analysis.
Meta-DSP is made of 4 key Components:
Campaign Assistant: We help the traders create campaigns and manage the large number of parameters implied during the campaign setup.
Control Tower: We find errors and non-applied best practices.
Analytics: Our technology provides graphical reports to cover a wide range of needs (campaign optimization, client insights, activity monitoring…)
Algorithms: Our proprietary software helps the trader to identify what to buy (who/where) and associated parameters (budget, bid…)

Meta-DSP is a data controlled tower - one location to create, monitor, optimize and skill campaigns, providing context and insuring accuracy accross data management platforms in a controlled environment

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Affiperf Meta-DSP

Our People

With 35 offices worldwide operating campaigns across 46 countries, we have global and local teams with varying backgrounds including Mathematics, Engineering, Physics, Human Sciences and Statistics drawn from the most renowned universities in the world with alumni from Cambridge, Oxford, London School of Economics, Columbia University and the Sorbonne with degrees ranging from Bachelors to Masters and even a few PhDs! Our Client Servicing Teams, Business Analysts, Data Scientists, Engineers, and Media Traders will provide you their support in 25 different languages with experts on the ground for all major markets.

James Gyngell
Global Managing Director
Ben Downing
Global Head of Product Development
Tom Mills
Global Head of Client Operations
Wilfried Carrie
Head of International Clients
Andrès Mociulsky
Head of Affiperf Argentina
Kevin Fernandes
Head of Affiperf Australia
Mediha Fajkovic
Head of Affiperf Austria
Morgan Libert
Head of Affiperf Belgium
Marcos Mendez
Head of Affiperf Brazil
RJ Arjune
Head of Affiperf Canada
Almendra Baez
Head of Affiperf Chile
Fairy Su
Head of Affiperf China
Monica Daza
Head of Affiperf Colombia & Venezuela
Emmanual Dinarte
Head of Affiperf Costa Rica
David Sedlisky
Head of Affiperf Czech Republic
Anders Mikkelsen
Head of Affiperf Denmark
Aurélie Iruzun
Head of Affiperf France
Ellinore Silakhal
Head of Affiperf Germany
Istvan Kiss
Head of Affiperf Hungary
Sumit Singh
Head of Affiperf India
Toshio Naka
Head of Affiperf Japan
Thanita Chaiprasertkyl
Digital Manager Thailand
Marine Garmrouguian
Head of Affiperf Mexico
Andrew Goodez
Head of Affiperf Miami
Paul Appelhof
Head of Affiperf Netherlands
Diego Arancibia
Head of Affiperf Peru
Jefferson Jiz De Ortega
Head of Affirperf Philippines
Aleksandra Bujnowska
Head of Affiperf Poland
Miguel Serrao
Head of Affiperf Portugal
Florent Davach de Theze
Head of Affiperf Singapore
Aritz Reyes Lozano
Head of Affiperf Spain
Sandy Chang
Head of Affiperf Taiwan
Charlie Glyn
Head of Affiperf United Kingdom
Andrew Goode
Head of Affiperf United States
Nguyen Quoc Tien
Head of Affiperf Vietnam


We’re a data-driven and human-led agency focused on results. Our teams are passionate about data and its power to redefine business. We are always looking for like-minded talent to recruit. Browse our job listings here.

If you don’t see any jobs that fit your description, send us a letter and your CV anyway; we’re always interested in meeting individuals who share our passion.


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Tel : + 33 (0)1 58 47 80 00

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Tel : +44 (0) 203 793 3800

For all HR inquiries, please contact us at: join.team@affiperf.com