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The Real Time Premium Audience platform.

Affiperf is a programmatic pure player.

Affiperf is a global trading desk; allowing advertisers to take advantage of the unique opportunity that programmatic media buying creates.We offer a global reach, local resourced solution.

Programmatic media has initiated a seismic shift in the way we access all types of media and data in real time; the way in which we plan and buy media across all channels is changing, as audience planning replaces media planning.

At Affiperf, we create meaningful connections between brands and consumers by leveraging the power of programmatic buying. We place the consumer at the centre of the media experience, advertising at the right time, in the right place and with the right message at the best possible price for our clients.

Headquartered in Paris, we have a truly global offering and the capacity to deliver in all key markets: London, Boston, Miami, New York, Madrid, Chicago, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Bogota, Santiago, Dubai and Singapore.


  • Global coverage
  • Access to premium inventory
  • Ad-verification and brand safety technology
  • User data protection
  • Advanced targeting
  • Data integration using our proprietary DMP, Artemis
  • Coverage of the entire purchase funnel
  • Access to a wealth of 1st party and high-quality 3rd party data

We are ready for the Real Time Buying revolution

  • 220 Countries covered
  • 2 trillion impressions available globally every month; access to 40 Ad Exchanges
  • Cutting edge optimisation technologies
  • Exclusive deals with premium publishers
  • Management of the available inventory across all Ad Exchanges
  • Quality charter and brand safety
  • Multidevice and multiscreen capability
  • World-class talent